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IBPS Bank Exam: 5 Actionable Tips To Motivate Yourself

IBPS Bank exams are a craze in youth, every year million of candidates appear in this test & get job in a nationalized bank as a clerk, PO or specialist Officer.

Be it procrastination, unfavorable situations or something else that is hindrance in your success. Those who appeared in bank recruitment exams more than once complain it to be tough to crack & those who are attempting it for the first time are scared about the difficulty level & type of questions.

Motivation with enthusiasm and energy really move us forward in life.

IBPS Bank exam tips to motivate yourself

How To Stay Motivated For IBPS Exam?

Motivation is the inner drive to engage in bank preparation. Make it your passion because if it is satisfying & interesting then it will make you succeed in the exam.
Here a question arises that what should I do to stay motivated during Bank PO/Clerk/SO/ RRB Preparation?
Nothing better than asking an expert, here are tips for cracking the exam from the toppers & experts.

#Motivation 1- IBPS Exam Preparation- Say NO To Procrastination

Procrastination might be a scrambled term for many of the readers so we would like to explain it first.

Motivation 1 say no to procrastination

Procrastination is when you postpone things unnecessarily.

When you have limited time for preparation & you delay it then it results in anxiety & stress at the end.

How Postponing Your Bank Exam Preparation Can Harm You?

Image Source: Elearning infographics

1. False security that Bank exam preparation is not due for a while & You can relax for now can make you skip your study-plan for the day. Which will lead you to skip further lessons too.
2. Laziness to start studying will make you repeat the same behavior further, Which is not good in any case. Remember that very soon ‘not now’ becomes ‘never.

3. Nothing else matters more than your dream to pursue banking career so stop making excuses to skip study plan.

"Dreams get you started, Discipline keeps you going"

#Motivation 2-  Set Milestones For Your Bank Exam Preparation:

Best way to prepare for a exam is to make critical points & mind map for the complete syllabus.

Motivation 2 set milestone for bank exam

How To Set Milestone For IBPS Exam?

  • Create a study-plan for your banking preparation. You should create a study plan for each section (Quant, Reasoning, English, Professional language subject, Current Affair etc.)

Set Short term & Long term goals.

Short term goal- Study & grasp the concept of syllogism in 5 days & score 80% in the online test for Syllogism topic.
Long term goal- Score 90% in Reasoning section of previous year papers.

  • Practice & execute the study-plan for each subject & stick to it with your heart & soul.

  • Achieve the milestones & even if you could not achieve it you will know your strength & shortcomings.

  • A realistic plan would be easier to track & achieve.

#Motivation 3-  Encourage A Study- Ritual

Encourage yourself to study at same time & same place daily. The outdoor is a great option for following this ritual. Reading at a quiet & pleasant garden for 30 minutes will not only make you feel motivated but also give you some health benefits.

Motivation 3-  Encourage A Study- Ritual

Study Ritual Hacks By Achievers:

1. Sunday afternoons are a time to be social so invite your like-minded friends(who are preparing for entrance exams) at home. Discuss & share your study plan & short tricks with each other.

2. Place a white board in your study room & update any recent banking news on it sot that you can read it many times a day.

#Motivation 4-  Join IBPS Communities/Forums/Whatsapp/Facebook Groups:

Joining Communities where discussions regarding IBPS bank Exams are done is best place to stay motivated.

Join IBPS Communities/Forums/Whatsapp/Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are most active among all the available choices. Join any of these groups & stay updated with recent news, tips, tricks, preparation plan, how to cover syllabus wisely techniques.
Answer related questions or even ask questions to clear doubt about any topic.

Your smartphone can help you too. You can download preparation apps like Preparthon, Gradeup are really well designed to help you achieve your goal.

Websites like Eduncle for IBPS, IBPSexam.org, Bankersadda are continously working on IBPS exam analysis, Section wise preparation & study plan. Aspirants can get complete details about their respective PO, SO, Clerk, RRB, SBI, RBI exam on their blogs. 

#Motivation 5- Criticism Is Constructive:

You might be feeling pressure from family & neighbors, there are many instances when people criticize you but at that time all you need to do is not objectifying the negative comments & channelizing all your energy properly.

Criticism Is Constructive

If you'll read success stories of successful people, there is one thing in common:

"Successful people consider criticism as an opportunity to excel"

Practice hard, implement new strategies, manage time wisely to attempt at most questions.
Criticism calls attention to an unhealthy state of things. You do not need to take it personally.You need to extract the benefits of helpful tips that the criticism contain.

Wrapping up with the hope that this article would have helped you. 

Being gone through the tough time, our team would like to hear your experience & preparation journey

Comment below the blog & Share the article to help those who really need to be motivated.

We would love to hear your comments on following:
How do you deal with the anxiety during Bank preparation journey?

What is your Study ritual?

If you are not appearing in the IBPS online exam first time then what mistakes you have done previously that you regret?

What is the toughest part you struggle with?

What if you got selected in the IBPS 2016-2017 exam?
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